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What we do


We’ll work with you to find the best approach for your sleep problems. We provide individually tailored non-medication brief treatments (typically 6-8 sessions) for some of the most common sleep complaints, including:

  • Insomnia Disorder

    • difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, or waking too early​​

  • Sleep Apnea Treatment difficulties (CPAP, etc) 

    • feeling unmotivated to use your sleep apnea treatment device

    • feeling anxious when trying to use your sleep apnea treatment device  


  • Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders

    • your natural sleep-wake pattern is out of sync with others (employer, society, partner, etc) 


  • Poor Sleep Hygiene

    • you want support and guidance to help you optimize your sleep health

If we determine that your sleep difficulties require assessment in a sleep laboratory or treatment by a sleep medicine healthcare provider (a medical doctor or nurse practitioner), we can help you find the right place for further assessment and treatment. 

Our approach to treatment: We strive to provide our clients the best treatment available in a compassionate and supportive environment. Having worked with patients with sleep difficulties for many years, we understand just how difficult it is to struggle with sleep problems and how much poor sleep can disrupt your life. Using a collaborative approach, we will work with you to find the best solution for your sleep difficulties, and keep you motivated to make the changes needed to improve your sleep. 

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