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Training and Consultation with Licensed Mental Health Providers: Dr. Ulmer brings years of experience supervising interns and post-docs in behavioral sleep medicine to her consultations with local mental health providers. If you are trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) and seeking consultation, Dr. Ulmer offers both individual and group (as available) consultation. If you have not yet been trained in CBTI, please contact Dr. Ulmer to discuss opportunities to receive training and consultation.   

Consultation with Organizations: As an educator on the topic of sleep health in both academic and community settings, and research focused on optimizing health services delivery, Dr. Ulmer is idealy suited to consult with organizations on a range of sleep health topics. Consultation may focus on strategies for promoting healthy sleep among employees, advising healthcare providers on integrating behavioral sleep medicine into clinical settings, among other topics. As one of few board certified behavioral sleep medicine providers in the US, Dr. Ulmer has the expertise to support your organizations' vision of being a leader in promoting healthy sleep.

Dr. Ulmer enjoys the opportunity to share her knowledge about sleep health and welcomes speaking engagements. The following are examples of talks provided to academic audiences. Dr. Ulmer looks forward to expanding her public engagements into community venues as well.

  • Management of Insomnia in the Primary Care Setting. North Carolina Academy of Sleep Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC.

  • Assessing and Treating Sleep Disorders in Geriatric Patients. Duke University Medical Center Geriatric Grand Rounds.

  • Health Implications of Sleep Disorders in Veterans, North Carolina Sleep Research Consortium

  • Promoting Healthy Sleep in Women, Durham Veterans Affairs Hospital Women's Health Clinic

  • Sleep Disturbance in Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts: A Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor?, VA Health Services R & D

  • Current and Future Models  of Care in Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Veterans Affairs Sleep Network Meeting, Denver, CO

  • Promoting Healthy Sleep in Veterans of Recent Military Conflicts, Veterans Affairs Community of Practice Cyberseminar

  • The Case for Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Veterans Affairs Health Services Research & Development 

  • Identifying Sleep Disorders in Primary Care: What Providers Need to Know, Duke General Internal Medicine Clinic

  • Imagery Rehearsal Therapy for Nightmares Workshop, Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy Annual Meeting,  

  • Sleep Disturbances in Veterans: Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment and Implications for Cardiovascular HealthUniversity of Pittsburgh Medical Center Sleep Grand Rounds.

  • Group-based Cognitive-behavioral Therapy For Insomnia in a VA Healthcare Setting: Treatment Protocol Development and Evaluation. Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, Denver, CO


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